AMP technology process steps for IC packaging.

Active Mold Packaging (AMP)

The Technology behind
Active Mold Packaging
Epoxy Mold Compound (EMC) Grades for Active Mold Packaging (AMP)

Active Mold Packaging (AMP)

A Variety of Epoxy Mold
Compound (EMC) Grades
are available

The Active Mold Packaging (AMP) technology

Electrically functionalizing the real-estate of the Epoxy Mold Compound.

AMP converts the passive Epoxy Mold Compound (EMC) only used for protection today, into an active carrier of electrical functionality.

Active Mold Packaging

AMP stands for Active Mold Packaging

AMP establishes horizontal and vertical interconnect access between active and passive components in a heterogenous 2.5D packaging approach.

AMP is based on 3 proven and standardized electronics manufacturing technologies.

1. Molding

Molding of thermo-set epoxy mold compounds.

2. Laser Direct Structuring

Laser Direct Structuring.

3. Electroless plating

Electroless plating.

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